LiUNA Local 527 Scholarship Fund

In determining the benefits of assisting in the continuing education of its members’ children, the LiUNA Local 527-527A Executive Board established the Scholarship Fund and in 2005, held its Inaugural Scholarship Awards where a few of our members’ children received the first scholarships awarded by Local 527. 2024 is a special milestone, marking the 20th anniversary.

The evaluation process to determine the scholarship recipients is an essential one that ensures final determination is made in a fair and unbiased manner. The decisions are difficult as the applicants continue to demonstrate such high levels of academic skills. The impartial panel of judges, selected from a variety of backgrounds based on their experience, knowledge and interests have the difficult task in reviewing and evaluating each application, assisting in the decision process and assuring the decisions are fair ones.

For further information on the LiUNA Local 527 Scholarship Awards, please call the union office at 613-521-6565, toll-free at 1-800-267-9762 or email

*The LiUNA Local 527 Scholarships are only available for the members’ dependents who are registered under the member’s benefit plan.

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