How can I join LiUNA Local 527?

There are three ways to join LiUNA Local 527

If you are unable to provide the information stated above, the other way to join LiUNA Local 527 is:


Apprentice Member

In order to join LiUNA Local 527 as an Apprentice Member you are required to provide the following information:

– Copy of Grade 10 Transcript or a Grade 12 Diploma obtained on a Canadian Level
– Once you become an apprentice member you will need to be registered as an apprentice in the province of Ontario and you will be informed of in school training that you are obligated to attend (First Year 240 hours, and Second year 240 hours)

Once you have obtained all the information entered above, or if you require further assistance, please contact the Training Centre in order to schedule a date and time to complete the new member assessment. 613-723-2141


Organize your workplace

will provide:
→ Better Salary
→ Better Health Benefits
→ Pension
→ More Security
→ A Safer Workplace
→ Access to Training
Please contact the
Union Office at 613-521-6565 and ask to speak with Duncan McDonell to receive more information.


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