Legal Services Benefit Plan

The LiUNA Local 527 Legal Services (1997) Trust Fund was established to help alleviate the costs faced by our members and their dependents in obtaining legal assistance. The legal benefits provided by the Plan are listed in the Member’s Legal Services Benefit Plan booklet.

*Please note: The information provided below is for your reference only. We recommend that you contact the Union office at 613-521-6565 prior to incurring any cost to ensure entitlement and coverage.

Members and their family may be entitled to the following Legal Benefits

Preventive Law
Wills and Estates / Powers of Attorney
Domestic and Divorce Proceedings (for Members only)
Landlord/Tenant Matters
Real Estate Matters
Litigation (Plaintiff) (Members only)
Litigation (Defendant)
Insurance Related Matters
Non-Complex Legal Documents
Government Programs and Assistance
Criminal Matters

The above benefits have limitations and exclusions; a detailed description of the benefit coverage is available in the Members’ Legal Services Benefit Plan Booklet. Interpretation of the Plan and final determination of any claim that may be questioned will be governed by the Trustees of the LiUNA Local 527 Legal Services (1997) Trust Fund.

Legal Services Benefit Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Entitlement to Benefits

Am I eligible for the reimbursement of the legal fees I have incurred?

Questions below have been answered on the basis that the member meets all requirements to be eligible for benefits.

Benefit Coverage

Am I covered for all legal services?
Is there a maximum payment on benefits?
Am I entitled to the reimbursement of legal fees I incurred for the purchase of my family dwelling?
Will my legal fees be covered for the renewal of my mortgage on my family dwelling?
I have incurred legal fees for the discharge of mortgage on my family dwelling. Am I entitled to the reimbursement of legal fees?
Does the Plan cover legal expenses for Divorce Proceedings.
I am required to appear in family court for a revision of my financial statement to establish the increase of child support. Will I be entitled to the reimbursement of my legal fees?
My spouse and I have each had our Wills and the Power of Attorney prepared by our lawyer. Will I be reimbursed for the legal fees incurred for both my spouse and I?

Claims Procedure

How do I proceed with my claim?
What documents do I submit for the reimbursement of legal fees?
I have not yet submitted my expenses for legal services provided to me last year. Will I be reimbursed if I submit it now?
Will the Legal Fund office provide me with the name of a lawyer?
Will the Legal Fund office pay my lawyer directly instead of reimbursing me?

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